Keep Calm and Diesel On

Hi furiends! 👋 These are definitely some scary and anxious times for all of us around the world, and it’s okay to feel and say so. I know a lot of us are following our governments directions, and staying inside as much as possible. Maybe your humans are working from home, or the kids are done leaving for school in the mornings. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that is our social media family. And we are family! In good times and bad, we laugh, cry, share, and support one another. And this unprecedented time is no different. We need to stick together more than ever, checking on each other, especially our more vulnerable and lonely furiends! We must share our ideas, fears, and random daily accomplishments! None of us is alone, when we have furiends, even if they live on the internet. 🌎 So keep sharing those pictures of your home office slash kitchen table, and your puppy dogs slash sudden coworkers! 🐕 Over the next days or weeks (or maybe probably months 😕) I’ll be posting things to try and keep morale up, and to try and take all our minds off of the craziness that is quickly becoming the new norm. Hopefully, all my online furiends will join in, and help me think of ways to distract and entertain while we are cooped up and counting the rice grains and toilet paper squares! 🙈 *hugs* 💕


7 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Diesel On

  1. Mary says:

    Usually in a crisis people are called on to *do* something- take up arms, plant a garden, man the barricades. This disaster requires us to just keep our butts in the house and not hog all the toilet paper. Very strange. And unnerving.


  2. irisesther54 says:

    There are scary times indeed. Thank goodness for our virtual friends. They help keep our sanity. Thanks for sharing this.

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