More…All About the Airport!

My previous post told you all about what goes on outside the airport…you know, when we’re looking for the restroom or paying way too much money for crummy food! But this post is all about the inside of the airport! Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, to be precise! It’s known as DFW (remember, 3-letter airport codes!), and while that happens to be its initials, it is not always like that…most Canadian airports start with a Y (Vancouver-YVR) and Chicago O’Hare is ORD (that goes back to Orchard Field…the original airport long, long ago)! But, I digress…this blog is all about my adventures exploring INSIDE the airport during a long wait for my next flight.

I was headed to California with my girl, to see Gran, and we had a 3 hour layover inside the Dallas airport. We walked all over the place! There was a lot of artwork and modern design, and a lot of nice people that asked me what the heck we were doing! First things first, I had to find out where we were going next! These two informative volunteers were quite helpful, and I even found a vested volunteer who was nice enough to share a picture! And then it was dinner time…we walked all over looking for something decent, only to decide on a snack (a giant snack!) and a soda.

20140311_202838 20140311_203855 20140402_152549

Once the necessities were out of the way, it was time to explore! We found several enormous mosaic tile medallions on the floor of the air terminal! My girl didn’t want to get too far away, lest someone bear-nap me, so the pictures are only of parts of the artwork. There were floral themes, birds and wildlife, and celestial star ones!

20140311_203138    20140311_20214720140311_201518    20140311_202533

After plopping me down on the floor every 50 feet for an hour, my girl and I found this wonderful big, old bear doing a very important job…guarding the Chocolate Store! Very important work, indeed! I offered to relieve him for a break, but he said no. I even found him a car to drive (guarding chocolate is hard work, after all!), but he still declined. A good, honest Guard, that one!

20140311_201733      20140311_201345

With an hour and a half to waste still, we continued our art walk, coming across this giant metallic, stalactite-ish thing right in the middle of the floor! I tried to pose for scale, but it was enormous! You could walk through the inside of it, although I preferred to climb on the outside!

20140311_202347       20140311_202355

Our flight was leaving from the same terminal building as we arrived, but if your flight was farther away, there was a little train to take you between buildings. We went upstairs to look at it, although we didn’t ride it around.  There were super long escalators to get up there, and we rode up and down them a few times…my girl loves escalators! These were super tall, the pictures don’t do them justice…I almost got dizzy!

20140311_203602   20140311_201142   20140311_203346

After all that walking, we were getting tired and found a nice cushy seat to sit in while we waited to board our flight. Oh yeah, we ate some animal crackers too!

20140311_202737 20140311_202630 20140402_145433

That’s our flight behind me. From Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California was a three hour flight, and it was boring! We were tired but it was too cramped to sleep, so we just listened to our headphones and waited.  But it was worth it, because once we got back to Gran’s house, there was a wild safari waiting for us…but that’s a whole ‘nother blog!


2 thoughts on “More…All About the Airport!

  1. Yay! We’re headed to DFW (I know my codes, well some of em) in June so I will make sure I check out the escalators! Maybe the chocolate store too, and if I really have to, the artwork, but I just HAVE to do the escalators!! We are stopping in Dallas for our Texas tour so we won’t be hanging around I guess. Another great blog Diesel.


    • Thank you! We were in the terminal with ‘A’ Gates, so you might have different artwork elsewhere, but the train thingy goes all over and hopefully there will be escalators there, too!! Coming back, we went through ‘D’ terminal and it wasn’t nearly as interesting…just construction and humidity. 😦


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