Some of My Favorite Bear Books!

Along with rescuing bears (and random other stuffed creatures) from tag sales and antique shops, my people also bring home books. And sometimes that includes Bear Books! They’re the best kind of books, really!  I’m going to share some of my favorite ones and tell you about them…but I’ll try not to give away too many spoilers!

“Charles” by Liesel Moak Skorpen


“Charles” is about a little bear at a toy store.  Time goes by and no one wants to take him home, and it’s really sad! But then, a man buys him and wraps him up as a present for his daughter! But just when you think Charles will have a happy ending, the girl turns out to be a total brat and doesn’t want  an ‘ugly bear’ and she’s mean to him, throwing him on the ground and then forcing him to play ‘tea party’! The horror! Fortunately for Charles, the girl trades him to a neighbor boy! And he and the boy play outside and build forts and do all sorts of fun things that teddy bears like! Charles even flies with a parachute! And he lives happily ever after!

20140226_214151                                  20140226_214223

“The Last Bit Bear” A Fable by Sandra Chisholm de Yonge


This is the story of Clover. He’s the last bear of his kind, he wants to start a family but can find no others, and he can’t find anymore of the tree leaves he depends on! Oh no! He sits down to cry, but an animal friend encourages him to explore the world and see what he finds! So he sets off to look for more bit bears. Along the way he meets new friends, including a fish, a wolf, and a rat!  He rescues each of them from some danger, because he is a heroic and selfless bear! He finally settles at a National Park, where he’s safe…although he never does find a mate and that’s why there are no bit bears today. It’s kind of sad at the end, because he ended up alone, but the overall book is about taking care of nature and it’s creatures! My people got this book from the National Park store in Yosemite!

                  20140226_214336                                20140226_214412

“Misery Bear’s Guide to Love…and Heartbreak” by Misery Bear


I love Misery Bear! He makes great short films, and really understands the loneliness some bears face.  In this, his first book, he shares dating advice, poetry, pictures, and other musings on love! Although he never seems to get the girl, all bears can relate to him about hating your boss, running out of booze, and generally wanting to not wake up! (And he makes great movie posters!)

                      20140226_214503                            20140226_214534

“Sleep Well, Little Bear” by Quint Buchholz


Little Bear can’t sleep! He’s put on his pajamas, said his prayers, gotten 5 (!) goodnight kisses, and is all tucked into his bed. But he cannot sleep. So he stacks some books up and looks out the window. He lives on a farm in the country, and thinks back on everything he can see out his window. There’s the scarecrow he played beneath with his boy, and the neighbor lady silhouetted in her lit window, and the water by the dock…rippling in the breeze! Little Bear thinks about how wonderful all of it is, and looks forward to playing pirate the next day with this boy. Finally, he falls asleep to the sound of the moon song! This is one of my favorite Bear Books! Little Bear really represents all of we insomniac bears, and the things we get up to at night when the rest of the house is asleep! And he has a picture of Winnie the Pooh on his bedroom wall!

             20140226_214706     20140226_214812     20140226_214825

“Teddy Bears of the Rich and Famous” by Mark and Barney Leigh


This is mostly a picture book, but I just received it today, so I’m excited!  It is full of famous peoples bears, including David Bowie and Florence Nightingale! There’s also actors bears and famous historical peoples bears!

            20140226_212834                20140226_212954


So…these are some of my favorite Bear Books! My person and I are working on some Bear Novels, too, and I will report on those when we finish them! One is “Normal by Norfolk” by @teddytedaloo, my friend on Twitter! And there’s a 5-book series about teddy bear builders-slash-detectives…”The Bear Collector’s Mysteries” by John Lamb! So keep checking back for more reviews…and remember: A literate Bear is a pawsome Bear!

19 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Bear Books!

  1. jasmine pandazeta says:

    really nice I did not think there were so many books on teddy bears … I wonder if they have come in my country …


  2. So many lovely books about the bestest creature to live with us… bears. Full of love and feeling, they’re our true friends.
    Have you ever read ‘The Bear That Nobody Wanted’ by janet & Allan Ahlberg?


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