The Grand Canyon is Beary Big!

Hello, everyone! For today’s blog, I’m going to share my trip to the Grand Canyon this past Christmas!  My people and I took a 4600 mile, 2 week road trip around western America at the end of December (2013). We visited the Grand Canyon, Phoenix (my former home!), my girl person’s mom, San Diego, drove up the California coast, visited my people Aunts, drove through Death Valley, stopped by Las Vegas, and finally drove through the snowy Rockies on our way home for New Years! It was a busy trip, with lots of time in the car, but we also stayed in lots of interesting places! One of those was the Grand Canyon!

2013-12-15 14.03.32                                  20131215_125830

When we arrived at the Grand Canyon, we first visited a learning center.  It told us all about the Canyon and how it was formed by a river slowly (like millions of years slowly!) eroding the rock away and creating the big gauge on the Earth.  There was a big model of the entire Canyon, and to be honest, it didn’t look that impressive to me!

20131215_131520                                  20131215_143303

After checking out the Visitor Center, we actually walked out to the edge of the Canyon.  I had to admit I was wrong…it was pretty impressive!  It was a mile deep, and many miles long, with the creation-river still running through the bottom.  It was SOOO far down to the bottom, that the river looked like a tiny silver thread!  I had to use the magnifying glasses to see all the way down, and I took a selfie for scale, but it didn’t really prove much!

20131215_151437                                  20131215_142656

My people took lots of pictures of me at the Grand Canyon, but they had to stay nearby, because the wind was pretty strong.  They even let me stand on the wrong side of the railing (don’t try that at home, kids!!), but they held me tight the entire time!

20131215_153855                                  20131216_095517

We stayed the night right there on the edge of the Grand Canyon!  In a little cabin on the Rim.  It was very nice, and had big windows that faced the sunrise! My people got me up really early so we could all watch the sunrise, and even though it was only 17 degrees F outside, my guy person took a short hike along the Rim of the Canyon.  The trail went right in front of the cabin, so I just watched from the window! It was much warmer inside!  They even had nice big, comfy chairs for me to sit in while the sun came up on my freezing people!

20131216_084719                                  20131216_075106

After the sun was way up high, and we had had a yummy breakfast, it was time to hit the road again.  But I am very glad I visited The Grand Canyon, it was pretty neat!

20131216_070350_LLS                                  20131216_072443_Richtone(HDR)

20131215_153833                                  20131215_153536


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