Camping…Part 2

Where were we? Oh yes, we were camping at the lake this past Easter weekend! This was just a short three day trip, so we didn’t get to do a lot of outdoorsy, wildlife stuff, unfortunately. After settling Friday, we went to the nearby town and had the most amazing pizza! Wheat State Pizza in Lawrence, KS is a must if you are ever that way! They make a delicious wheat crust, and they also do gluten-free crusts if that’s an issue for you. My boy, Paul was extremely excited about getting back there for lunch! And we had to send pictures to all our far away friends to make them jealous!


After lunch (yummy taco pizza), we headed to Target to get some groceries. I got to ride in the cart, but still climbed out to play around! I was a pirate, then did some hard work, then found the perfect bike…but my girl said we couldn’t get it. Boo!!

20140418_140036       20140418_140910-1       20140418_140603-1

After our fun shopping trip, it was back to the camper where we made steaks for dinner, and sat around the campfire relaxing. Once it was dark, we watched some Dr. Who inside on the little TV, then called it a night…because we had a very busy Saturday coming up!!!

Saturday morning, we woke up early and made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, English muffins, and orange juice!  Then, it was back to Gram and Grampa’s town for a Kite Fly! My guy designs and sews kites, his kites are with people all over the world! So he and his family fly them quite often, sometimes at other peoples events. They also make and put up banners, the tall, pretty flags that you’ll see in the background of my pictures! I even have my own kite (store bought, though) with a teddy bear on it! It was very windy Saturday, so I didn’t get to fly for very long.

20140419_081955     20140419_084448-1

20140419_134950   20140419_135645   20140419_140424

20140419_135311    20140419_135103    20140419_135538

20140419_135358    20140419_134844  20140419_135444    20140419_141352

After flying our kites all afternoon, we went back to Gram and Grampa’s house and helped move some furniture and other stuff, then we had barbecue for dinner. My girl was so busy she forgot to take any pictures, though. By then, it was dark and time to head back to the lake and camper.  We watched some more Dr. Who (yay, Netflix) and then it was sleepy time again!

Sunday morning, after another yummy breakfast, it was time to pack up and return the camper to Gram and Grampa. It was pretty simple, undo the water and power and put everything back away. After dropping the RV off, we got back in out little blue car and headed for home. It was Easter Sunday, and I had chocolate waiting at home! Until the next adventure!


6 thoughts on “Camping…Part 2

    • It was very yummy…taco sauce, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese! Some places smear beans on the crust first, too! I think they bake the crust first, then top it and just warm it a bit. He is very muti-talented, but that leads to a dozen half-finished projects sometimes! Thanks for reading along!!


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