Mountain Bear

My people like to go camping and hiking, and they take me with them!


We usually go to Colorado, it’s the state just west of us.  We have to watch out for wild bears when we are there, and lock our food in the car at night!  I’d really like to meet my wild cousins, but my people are not so sure! While we’re camping, we cook outside, sleep in a tent, and hike around the local trails.



I have my very own little backpack, and I keep my sleeping bag, walking sticks, and souvenirs in it.  My people have their own big backpacks and sometimes I hitch a ride with them!



In the summer of 2011, we took a big hiking trip to Colorado with 12 of my peoples friends. There was a dog, too, and he had his own backpack as well! It was a 3 day, 38 mile hike down the Colorado Trail.  It seemed like forever, but the trail is nearly 500 miles total, so it wasn’t really that bad

IMAG2982                                  IMAG2824


After our hike, we went back to our host’s house to recuperate…and maybe have a few drinks!

IMAG3006                                  IMAG2946

If you want to see ALL my hiking trip pictures, this link will take you to my Facebook Photo Album! Rawr!


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