Baseball Bear!

Hello all…long time, no blog! But I’m here today to share my baseball adventure with you! A few weeks ago, my people took me to my very first baseball game. They’ve been to games before, but this was my first and while it wasn’t terribly exciting (our team won 1-0), it was still full of neat sights that I’m going to share! Our ‘local’ team (although they are 3 hours away from us and technically belong to Missouri) is the Kansas City Royals. Kansas City sits on a river/state border, and the team (along with NFL team the Chiefs) is on the Missouri side…but we Kansans still cheer them on!

It was an evening game, but my boy Paul had to work that Saturday, so we met all the family at the stadium during the 2nd Inning. Of course, seats are not meant for big people, and we had about 6 big people in what should have been about 4 seats, so we went and explored during the uneventful game. Along with food and souvenir stands, there is a nice museum behind the Jumbo-tron. That’s where many of my photos came from!

20140517_182516   20140517_185417

20140517_205442   20140517_205101

The giant scoreboard, as seen from the drive into the parking lot, and from the shopping places beneath/behind it! Sometimes, they shoot off fireworks from behind it! But not this time, alas.

20140517_193720       20140517_192815

In 1985, the Royals won the World Series…but since then, not so much! The other claim to fame is that in 2012, they hosted the All-Star Game!

20140517_014036   20140517_193636   20140517_193446

My girl made me a catcher’s mitt, it was kind of ugly but I appreciated her effort. Maybe next time it will be Golden, like these lovely Golden Glove awards! And maybe a bit bigger…definitely gonna need a bigger mitt!

20140517_193556    20140517_193549

This paw-some statue was made out of baseballs stuck together, and the people behind me got yelled at by the guards for even trying to touch it…good thing they didn’t notice me!

20140517_193357    20140517_193324

There was a model of Kaufman Stadium, and this cool Statue of Liberty…who knew she was a Royals fan?!?

20140517_192243     20140517_194155

We had to hit up the souvenir stand, and while my people wouldn’t get me the giant foam finger, they DID get me a pin for my travel vest…naturally!

20140517_195648     20140517_192055     20140517_201212

By the 7th Inning, it was dinner time! We had some paw-some BBQ, followed by the biggest Ice Cream Cone ever! And we watched the game the whole time!

20140517_192436    20140517_201454

The Kansas City Royals won, 1-0, off an early 2nd Inning run…but the Baltimore Orioles gave us a good, last minute scare, with the bases loaded and their very last batter up! But he struck out, thankfully! We watched the end from behind the fountains…you can see them below the Jumbo-trons in the first pictures!


That night we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in Topeka, it’s on the way home from Kansas City. I taught some of my furiends there to play catch, and left them my mitt and ball so they could practice for my next visit!


8 thoughts on “Baseball Bear!

  1. Yay grate blog Diesel. We luvs the foto if yoo sittin on the baseball statue heehee we wunda wat the guards wud av sed if they saw yoo. It luks like a brilliant stadium. A very interestin read 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks guys! As we walked away, a guard rudely (and loudly) said “Don’t touch!” to the people behind us…but since I don’t weigh much, I’d taken the chance! Glad you enjoyed it, wish I knew more about baseball to actually explain the game! 😄


    • Thanks for reading, Goldie! Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words…especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about (like me and baseball!)!! Hugs!


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