Wandering Around The Bear Cave

Hello from The Bear Cave!


That is my home, here in the Kansas countryside, and is so named because my boy’s nickname is Bear. All of his friends have given their homes crazy names so it’s something of a tradition apparently, although I prefer to think it’s because we run a teddy bear refuge here! Anyway, this evening, before the storm rolled in, I took a few minutes to stroll around the grounds and look over all my plants and things!

20140423_200029   20140423_195534

First, I looked at the weather station…it was spinning like crazy! Then I took a peek at my garden. Now that the last snow is finished, it’s time to plant all my food!

20140423_200242       20140423_195828

Next, I checked our well…living in the country, we don’t get to use the city water. (That’s not really the well, it is just a cute statue that covers the pumps and mechanical things!) (Which is a good thing, since we don’t have a bucket for it!!) I also noticed that our Bird Feeder was empty! We put sunflower seeds in it, but the wind just blows them out. By the end of summer, there will be big sunflowers growing all around the base of the feeder!

20140423_195950     20140423_200159

I took a look at our little Peach Tree, too! It is covered in blossoms, and hopefully will produce some yummy peaches this year! My Irises are coming up nicely, too, they are planted at the end of our house!

20140423_195411    20140423_202825-1

And finally, I helped Paul mow the front lawn before the storm came in! Just another day at The Bear Cave, and I can hear thunder outside right now!

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