The Bear Cave…My Home!

I live with my people in a little house in the country. It’s called The Bear Cave! Originally it was called that because my guy person is nicknamed ‘Bear’, but now…we have teddy bears coming out our ears!  My people like to think they run a bear refuge, for unwanted and unloved bears. They rescue them from all over…tag sales, thrift shops, estate sales, everywhere!  Even if they are a little dirty or need some love and stitches, my people bring them back here to The Bear Cave! They tell me all about themselves and what their names are, and I translate to my people!

House 8

We have lots of fun here! My people read us stories, we play dress up, celebrate holidays, and play in the garden! My girl person likes to bake, so we always have yummy treats too!  My people like to think of this place as an ‘island of misfit toys’, from the cartoon ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’! Just because our teddies aren’t shiny and new and perfect, some people don’t want them.  But we want them!



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